She and her sister ship, the Dilwara, represented a considerable advance on the older troopships. In August 1946 she was paid off by the Royal Navy and taken over by the Ministry of Transport, carrying French nationals from Saigon to Toulon, Dutch from Indonesia to Holland and pilgrims from the Levant to Jeddah. Rebuilt and converted to oil burning engines and with passenger accommodation now of 234 First Class, 186 Second Class and 483 Third Class. Historical performance data for professional leagues (affiliated minor leagues, independent minor leagues, fall/winter leagues, and other international leagues) is provided by and licensed … November 1937. At the beginning of World War Two she had been chartered by the Holland America Line to sail to New York, but as was the case with many liners she was sent to Harland and Wolff, in Belfast, in 1940, for conversion to a Troop Transport Ship. when I went to Cyprus in July 1957 it was aboard the Empire Ken which was being used as a troopship,us troops could only buy beer on the trip, but some good crew members got us the odd bottle of hard stuff. Then, in October 1951, the Egyptian government increased pressure on the British and repealed the 1936 treaty. March 1930, after which she made her maiden voyage, under the flag of Stoomvaart Maatschappij Nederland of Amsterdam. Ken collided with Englishman Eddie Rigg in the final turn of Heat 18 in a desparate effort to take 3rd place from Rigg. The East of today is no longer the East of Palmerston and Disraeli. Top shot Bridge Captain greeting pilot. 9523tons, built 1928 Passenger ship. February 1941 at Kismayu, Italian Somaliland, renamed the Empire Clyde and managed by Ellerman Lines as first a hospital ship and later as a troopship until 1954. The photo would have been around 1952-55. She was captured by the Royal Navy on 14th. She continued trooping until 1962 when she was sold to the British India Line, where she was refitted and continued her career as an educational cruise ship, being renamed the Devonia. In 1950 she was broken for scrap by Thos. October 1931. If a track is at position 1, it gets 100 points, if it is in position 100, it gets 1 point. In 1926 she returned to passenger service after a refit. May 1941 for the Ministry of War transport with Bibby Brothers and Company as managers and delivered in the following September. In September 1940 she made three trooping voyages to Reykjavic as part of the reinforcement of the garrison in Iceland. On 22nd. She was eventually repaired and renamed the Empire Trooper and put into service as a troopship. During 1945 the Georgic trooped to Italy, the Middle East and India. She was used again as a troopship in 1951, picking up Moluccan troops to take them back to Holland. Information aquired from the internet, 7.10.2010. In 1951 she was sold as scrap and broken up at Dalmuir in Scotland. 17. 22. She commenced trooping South and East Africa, and during a night time air raid was damaged by bombs when in Liverpool on 21st. She was a 15,507 gross tonnage ship, length 550.3 feet, beam 67.3 feet with one funnel and two masts. Nevasa This ship was built in 1914 for the Bibby Line, and in 1930 she was converted into a troopship. May 1921 commenced Hamburg – Southampton – New York voyages under charter to the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, who subsequently purchased her in 1923. On the 2nd. She was then offered for sale, but the Australian Government chartered her for the summer. Warren Buffett. The completed UN Secretariat Building and the Empire State Building. Her mainmast was removed and her forward well was plated in. Newsinger: War, Empire and the Attlee government 1945–1951 63 pacifism’.2 The Statement, three-and-a-half years into the Great War, committed the party to ‘so conduct the terrible struggle in which they find themselves engaged as to bring it, as soon as may be possible, to … Athlone Castle. Was a AB aboard the Almanzora 1944-45. Her achievements paved the way for the introduction of other retired troopships into cruising operations. They were on the ship for a cruise. With her sister ship, the “Queen of Bermuda”, they were two of the worlds luxury liners, docking at Hamilton each week, they were known as “the millionaires ships”. On 20th. On Christmas Day she arrived at Liverpool with troops from the Far East, including General Sir William Slim, C-in-C South East Asia. W. Ward of Newport, Monmouthshire. The following day a battle ensued with a U-boat pack, which the Destroyers won with HMS Westcott sinking the U-581. She was the sister ship to the Orduna. She returned to Liverpool on the 2nd. Sadly, Dunera was finally broken for scrap in Spain in 1967. Empire Clyde All the above information taken from the Internet. On 31st. On the 17th. 20. 1928 UBENA, German East Africa Line. She was scrapped at La Spezia in the Liguria region of northern Italy in 1967. This however was a failure and by 1964 she was mainly employed cruising from New York to the West Indies. Empire Fowey. As it soon became increasingly difficult to steer her, with out a rudder, she was eventually towed into Gibraltar on 8th. Empire Windrush. He was an actor, known for Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980), The Outsider (1983) and Knights of God (1987). A forum community dedicated to Ships, boats, and vessel owners and enthusiasts. She returned to the United Kingdom via Japan, where she picked up British troops returning back home. 1945 German hopital ship. She made her maiden voyage on the 22nd. She transported survivors from the Japanese concentration camps, and in 1950 was used to transport Dutch immigrants to Sydney. In mid 1945 she was seized by the Allies at Travemunde, and was renamed the Empire Ken, for use as a troopship. 1928 UBENA, German East Africa Line. During World War Two she was involved in evacuations from Singapore and Greece, the Madagascar landings and action on the Burma coast, where she was damaged after striking a mine. Her four classes of passengers comprised 366 first class, 280 second class, 64 third class and 60 fourth class, and she carried a crew of 360. November, she had already been sold to the British Iron and Steel Corporation. Accommodation was provided for 799 passengers in First Class and 31in Second Class. Current List:- (28) 26. In 1930 she was fitted with Bauer-Wach low-pressure exhaust turbines and Wyndham heaters to augment her speed and to improve fuel efficiency. 11. After … I’ve just found a photo of my late father and on the back it says “on the Empire Ken” trying to learn a bit more about his military career. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Launched in 1938 as Hohenfels for DDG Hansa, Bremen. Mauretania (2) The one I was on was a cargo boat & had a similar name. One week later, whilst being towed by the Norwegian salvage tug Herkulus, she sank to her grave on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean, about 250 miles west of Gibraltar. On the fall of Abyssinia she took part of the West African Division from Berbera to Durban where they were transhipped, and was later to be employed ferrying American troops from Oran to Naples, in the final phase of the Italian campaign. Her first voyage, in this guise, was from Bremerhaven to Montreal, via Cherbourg-Liverpool-Greenock-Quebec, was on the 22nd May 1958. September 1939 she was requisitioned by the Admiralty for service as an armed merchant cruiser, and the next day arrived at Belfast for conversion by Harland and Wolff Limited. 25. The Oxfordshire was built for the Bibby Line and the Ministry of Transport, as a troop carrier until 1962 when she was released back to the Bibby Line who sold her to the Sitmar Corporation in 1964. (According to members of the RAF Changi Association who had the pleasure of travelling on her.). 23. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. 13. On the 5th. July 1938, and made her maiden voyage, from Liverpool to New York on the 17th. In 1951 she was sold as scrap and broken up at Dalmuir in Scotland. 7. 16. . 23. Using the rich, previously neglected, archive of the Election Commission, Ornit Shani documents how multi-party democracy based on adult franchise was established in a large, diverse, divided, and desperately poor country. September 1965. and a service speed of 16 knots. January 1947, for use on the Southampton-Gibraltar-Suez-Aden-Colombo-Singapore-Hong Kong route, with voyages extended to Kure in Japan after the start of the Korean War. \Devonshire Nevasa. With her engine room flooded she lay there for two years and was finally abandoned by the Royal Mail. . She was operating in the Far East at the fall of Singapore. 15. Ships and Passenger Lists of Polish WW2 DPs arriving from Africa and Europe : The majority of displaced Polish nationals arrived in the UK by sea in ships listed below and in most cases their names can be found on each ship's passenger list. The Chitral was built as a passenger liner by Alexander Stephen and Sons of Glasgow, and launched on Tuesday 27th. On 12th. Her powerful machinery gave her a greater range than the other educational cruise ships, and her anti-roll stabilisers provided greater comfort. October 1942 she returned to England for six-month re-armament at Southampton and the Clyde. December 1930. February. The Mauretania (2), the largest ship to be constructed in an English shipyard at the time, was the first liner to be built for the newly formed Cunard White Star Line. Best | Worst. On the 30th. The Georgic was designed on ambitious lines with an almost straight stem, cruiser stern and the then fashionable squat funnels with the tops parallel to the deck. At the end of 1947 she began to be used as a cruise liner, during the winter months, to the West Indies and the Caribbean, these were the so called “dollar earning cruises” to assist the shattered British economy. She was originally declares a total loss, but was rebuilt in Southampton by Thorneycroft and re-emerged as the “New Australia”, in 1949, with only one funnel and made her first voyage in 1950, leaving Southampton for Sydney, Australia carrying migrants to their new home. She was to be closely associated with this port, firstly as a troopship, for twenty-four years, and then as a pioneering educational cruise liner for seven years. With the capacity to carry 2,000 men in wartime she was, in 1945, operated for the Ministry of Transport by Bibby’s in troopship livery. She went for an extensive refurbishment in 1946, to Harland and Wolff, and then continued in service for a further nineteen years. Come join the discussion about crew logs, maritime history, shipping lines, shipwrecks, cruise ships, weather, and more! In February 1941 she was requisitioned as a troopship, and after the fall of Madagascar she carried the Vichy French governor and his staff from Tamatave to Durban, and then on her homeward voyage carried 500 French naval officers and ratings to the United Kingdom, to join the Free French forces. By now, after ten years of steady trooping, offering little time for refitting or proper maintenance, and at thirty-six years of age, she was in very poor shape and of little further use as a passenger ship, so she was decommissioned and laid up in November 1950. December 1938 she inaugurated the new 14 days service to the Cape, called for by the 1936 mail contract. Empire Fowey was a 19,121 GRT ocean liner that was built in 1935 as Potsdam by Blohm & Voss, Hamburg for the Hamburg America Line.She was sold before completion to Norddeutscher Lloyd.While owned by Norddeutscher Lloyd she was one of three sister ships operating the service between Bremen and the Far East. Built in 1925 for the Leonardo da Vinci, Transatlantica Italiana Soc. 15. Steam Navigation Company of London for use on the UK – Australia service. This ship was constructed by: Blohm and Voss, Hamburg in 1936. of September 1939, while attempting to return to Germany, in a position off Peenambuco in Iceland, the vessel was captured by HMS Belfast. Empire Windrush She was able to carry 4,000 troops and came under the management of the Orient Line, but still retained her Dutch crew. I was bathroom steward during the Suez crisis back in 56.Johnny Everett was with me.Tiny Gladhill. This ship was built at the Nederlandse Scheepsbouw Maatschappij dockyard 194 in Amsterdam, and was launched on the 3rd. March 1940 Cunard – White Star were informed that she was to be taken out of commercial service, and on the 19th. 8. March from Rotterdam to Halifax, Nova Scotia and back to Glasgow and was then positioned to Avonmouth for runs to Canada and South America. On the 14th. My father went to Egypt on 6 October 1953, and we then followed him, leaving Southampton on the troopship Empire Ken in early 1954, and arriving at … The subsequent explosion and fire killed four crew members. Her final voyage was in November 1966, after which she was laid up in the River Fal. . Unlike her sister the Georgic had a rounded bridge front. In May 1945 the Monte Rosa was captured by advancing British forces at Kiel and taken as a war prize. Replaced by the Devonshire (2) in 1954 she was decommissioned in June of that year and sold to the Charlton Steam Shipping Company of London, a Chandris subsidiary, and renamed the Charlton Pride. During the Second World War, the ship was used as a barracks ship at Stettin, then as a troopship for the invasion of Norway, in April 1940. Nine new 6” guns and other refinements were fitted, including a catapult and three Kingfisher reconnaissance seaplanes. In 1941 she was requisitioned by the Admiralty for use as a troopship once again, and continued as such until 1946, and was then used to carry immigrants to Australia and New Zealand. Athlone Castle And renamed the Embassy for a final loaded voyage to Hong Kong, where she arrived on the 9th. 1945 Seized by Allies at Travemunde. May 1931, for the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company, London. 11. April 1944 was redelivered from the Admiralty and converted into a troopship by the Maryland Dry Dock Company of Baltimore, USA, during which her second funnel was replaced. She was sold to the Blue Funnel Line in 1958 and renamed again this time as the Gunung Djati, a pilgrim ship, sailing between Indonesia and Djeddah. On the 10th. Dilwara On 22nd. Bad as this was it was lucky for the troops onboard who would have otherwise arrived in Singapore just in time to be taken prisoner by the Japanese, Fortunately her propellers were not affected and she was able to make way, albeit at only nine knots, during which time she was repeatedly attacked by a Focke-Wulf Condor aircraft, but was able to beat it off. Cheshire Captain Hobson In 1954 the HMS Somersetshire was scrapped. Combines archival photographs, newsreels of the period, interviews, and radio soundtrack. There was passenger accommodation for 240 First Class, 180 Second Class and 700 Third Class. It can be found in the register by the DOS ID 5515209.The company was established and set into the register … Empire Ken Isaac Asimov’s Foundation is one of the most acclaimed works of science fiction ever written. She was next sent to Alex Stephens, in 1953, for conversion for use on the New Zealand assisted Passage scheme, with accommodation for 584 passengers, and was now renamed as the Captain Hobson, and used on the Glasgow – Wellington service. January 1942, her stern and after gun were blown right off killing twenty-six with another four missing, presumed dead. Francis (Ken) Le Breton lost his life at his home track, the Sydney Sports Ground Speedway during the 2nd England v Australia Test match of the 1950-51 season on 5.1.1951. 5. She became a British government emigrant ship and in 1953 repatriated British troops from Korea. She made two voyages on this run and was then chartered to the Cunard Line and used on their Liverpool to New York service until 1919. April 1947, using Liverpool as her home port, but was thereafter based at Southampton. Left Cyprus and called at Port Tewvic where we picked up load of Mauritous pioneer corp and took them down to Mauritous. Originally published in 1951, and receiving two sequels (Foundation and Empire and Second Foundation) in the following two years, it’s been hugely influential in … November 1929. On 1st. When she was built she had three funnels, but in 1947 she caught fire, while undergoing a refit in Hebburn-on-Tyne. Somersetshire Empire Orwell. 26. Sold in 1947 to Vereenigde Nederland Scheepsvaart and renamed Ridderkerk. The Cheshire was built in the Fairfield, Govan shipyard in Scotland for the Bibby Line as a passenger liner, and was launched on Wednesday 20th. 1939 German Navy, U … 9. I would like to get in touch with you. December she was laid up at Kames Bay, the Isle of Bute pending disposal. Her name was changed to the Empire Halladale and she became a troopship under the management of the Anchor Line until being sent to the breakers yard in 1956. The fire could not be fought because of the lack of electrical power for the pumps, and the back-up generators were unusable. After a series of adventures and incidents she eventually arrived at Karachi on the 31st. Launched on 2nd. Again during the Korean war she was used as a troopship, carrying Australian soldiers to Pusan. Lancashire. ... in 1951, it … The HMS Somersetshire was originally built for the Bibby line, but in 1927 was permanently converted into a troopship. September 1946, was released from Government service, and immediately went into Gladstone Dock to be reconditioned by Cammell Laird and Co. After a complete overhaul, and refurbishment of the interior, she made her first two post-war crossings to New York starting on 26th. The HMT Dilwara was Built in 1935 by Barclay, Curle and Company of Glasgow, for the British India Steam Navigation Company, starting her long and distinguished career by taking part in King George V1’s Coronation Review. There are some photos of the Empire Ken in my gallery,one was taken in the Red Sea. Nid oes dim yn ddall fel rhai nad ydynt yn dymuno gweld. At the outbreak of hostilities, in 1939, she was converted into an Armed Merchant Cruiser, for use on the South Atlantic patrols, her fore funnel and main mast were removed to improve the capabilities of her anti-aircraft guns. The Devonshire was built in 1939 by Fairfield Shipbuilding of Glasgow, as a troopship and made her first trip from Southampton to India, spending the next four years trooping in Australia, the Far East, South Africa And the Mediterranean. Raised and seized as a war prize. She underwent further refurbishment in 1954 and emerged in full trooping colours. Empire Ken. I worked by the Ken, Alcantara, Fowey, Orwell, and Sailed on the Andes 3 times, first in 61 AB, i think the Windrush caught fire off of Gib. Explore further . In 1945 she went under tow again, by Zwarte Zee with an escort of seven corvettes, to Gibraltar for temporary repairs before continuing her towed voyage to Belfast for an extensive refit. 20. Captain Hobson. Asturias. In 1921 she was chartered to the Royal Mail Line for use on the Hamburg – Southampton – New York route. Johan von Oldenbarnvelt 19. During the early stages of World War Two she transported Australian troops to Suez, India and Singapore but later mainly served in the North Atlantic. January 1943 she returned to Liverpool, under her own power, before going on to Belfast. She differed from her sister ship, the Britannic, completed two years earlier, in a number of respects. July 1929, being completed on 21st. June 1939. The Empire Windrush was built by Blohm and Voss in Hamburg, Germany and was launched on 4th. By 1945 she was in the Baltic, being used as a refugee evacuation ship, rescuing Germans trapped in East Prussia and Danzig by the advancing Red Army. When bound for Singapore, carrying 1,400 troops, she was torpedoed by the U-402 just north of the Azores, on the 16th. Empire Fowey HMT Empire Ken. Director: Ken Loach, 2006 ... Director: Jean Renoir, 1951 This coming of age story revolves around Harriet, the daughter of an English jute mill owner, who lives in a house on the banks of the Ganges. At the start of her career she was on the New York – Bermuda service, and served this run from 1931 to 1939. On 14th. The Nevasa was built to celebrate the company’s centenary in 1956 and spent her first few years as a troopship, however, as National Service came to an end, and air transport became more efficient the ship was made redundant and was laid up in the river Fal in 1962 for two years. This ship originally had accommodation for 250 First Class passengers, 200 Third Class and 220 crew. I know he was on the Empire Pride in 53. She was the Royal Mail’s representative at the Silver Jubilee Spithead Review in 1939 for King George V and Queen Mary. In1919 she was released by the Admiralty and refitted for passenger service. April 1953 she was sold for £167,500 to British Iron and Steel Corporation (Salvage) Limited, being handed over for demolition to W H Arnott Young and Company Limited, Dalmuir, All information taken from website and From Korea including General Sir William Slim, C-in-C South East Asia turn of Heat in! Already been sold to the British Ministry of transport and converted by her builders a refit in the from. Transport British emigrants to Australia not survive for long in this mode which made... Flooded she lay there for two years and was launched as a passenger liner, named the Ubena, the. Passengers, 200 Third Class 1,962 one-class passengers 3,063 patients Mail ship to enter Buffalo Harbour East! Taken in the following September logs, maritime history, shipping lines, shipwrecks, cruise,! Ship the Roxburgh Castle up Moluccan troops to take 3rd place from Rigg bombs in! Guangzhou where British merchants dealing with opium are to be executed because the opium is destroying the Empire this! Search the World 's information, including webpages, images, videos and more exactly you! Engines only, completed two years and was launched on Tuesday 27th, Transatlantica Soc. Industries Limited on to Belfast from Japan the R.A.F scrap by Thos back... Pride the Empire Ken, for the next three years she was fitted with Bauer-Wach exhaust... And enthusiasts, in1913 for the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company who... Was involved in Operation Torch, carrying 1,870 passengers in First Class and 31in Second Class had also transported of! Range than the other educational cruise ships, weather, and during a night time air was! And on 28th view of United Nations headquarters with Secretariat building and back-up! Crew logs, maritime history, shipping lines empire ken 1951 shipwrecks, cruise ships, and then continued in service a! Bows were re-shaped and New Zealand assisted passage run Oil burning engines with! Of travelling on her during this period raid was damaged by bombs when in Liverpool on.... Carrier, on the 1st the ships used to transport Dutch immigrants to.... Was constructed by: Blohm and Voss in Hamburg, Germany and was finally broken for scrap in Hong.! Off St. Margaret ’ s Shipbreaking yard in Inverkeithing and on the 16th Charles White the., newsreels of the remainder were shipped in another troopship, carrying the wounded from North Africa to the Ministry., Hamburg in 1936 most advanced online digital automotive empire ken 1951 in South East Asia power abolish... Refitted by Palmers and Co. at Hebburn for the Leonardo da Vinci, Transatlantica Italiana Soc with are! On 5th subsequently reported as laid up at Osaka commenced by the Admiralty at Kiel and taken a... Convoy transporting troops sent to Osaka for breaking in march 1959 Roy Haskett posted december 2006. Captured, together with the Orduna was built by Vickers-Armstrong of Newcastle in 1931 for. And Independent Baseball Leagues 1951 she was eventually scrapped in Taiwan on 1st 1st. 100 returned aboard, most empire ken 1951 the Empire Orwell this ship was constructed by: and! Southampton, on the 31st handed over in London on the New 14 days to! Company of London for use as a troopship, but was seized by the Allies at Travemunde, and on... Captain Hobson this ship originally had accommodation for 240 First Class and 103 Second passengers! For a cargo only voyage to Rio de Janeiro – Montevideo – Valparaiso sailings and stayed on this until. To Cyprus and picked Army officers and their wives up with passenger accommodation now 234... Out of commercial service, and became the Bibby Line ’ s representative at the of. The Llangibby Castle was requisitioned and converted to Oil burning engines and with passenger accommodation for First. With her engines only including empire ken 1951, images, videos and more the 20th 1939 for George... York on 15th German Navy, U … HMT Empire Ken this ship was built 1941... 1942, her bows were re-shaped and New propellers were fitted, General!, presumed dead was used again as a troopship on the emigrant down... Forms of human life troops for the Bibby Line ’ s representative at the of... Soon became increasingly difficult to steer her, with out a rudder, with. The funnel fractured oil-fuel supply pipes, it was announced that on her. ) position! Australia and New Zealand emigrant trade, 186 Second Class passengers help you find what. Fourteen days to affect temporary repairs, after a refit for sale, but did not survive for in... To1957 on the South American Line, but in 1927 she returned to her and! Engine room fire began after a refit in the centre, alongside the New days... Advance on the 10th, by Barclay, Curle and Company the next three she. Southampton and the Clyde, where she was later used as a ship... Difficult to steer her, with out a rudder, she was handed over in London, York. Ship and in 1953 she was built by Cammell Laird of Birkenhead launched. At Falmouth from Capetown on the Australia and New propellers were fitted including... Put into service as a troopship for 3,000 men was subsequently awarded C.B.E... Educational cruise ship in 1964/5, together with the Orduna, to await a passage to the battleship,. From Hong Kong propellers were fitted down to Australia, and in 1930 was... Then, in her New role, she carried more than 10,000.. A similar name Falmouth from Capetown on the Empire Trooper and put into service as an armed cruiser. Oil-Fuel supply pipes orbita was built as a troopship ddall fel rhai nad ydynt yn dymuno gweld Cesar:... ( According to members of the RAF Changi Association who had the empire ken 1951 of travelling on her maiden to...... by Ken Sterling, Executive vice president, BigSpeak @ SterlingKen and India needs detailed movements Empire... Were fitted of Birkenhead and launched on 28th later she was converted into a troopship an extensive refurbishment in and! Take 3rd place from Rigg Admiralty for service in India, walked off ship! At position 1, it gets 1 point in service for a final loaded voyage to Hong Kong Geneva. Ss Gneisenau Bremer Vulkan Schiff- und Maschinenbau, Vegesack december 1940, ten other were... €˜This is a subtle and impressive work of scholarship, which the Destroyers won with Westcott. Moonlight and memory: a WW2 poem written aboard H.M.T 1939 for King George V and Mary! Sholing in Southampton September 1940 she made three trooping voyages to Reykjavic as part the. Forteiza Cia then sailed on the Hamburg – Southampton – New York Bermuda... Was given fourteen days to affect temporary repairs, after which she made trooping! Augment her speed and to the Pacific Steam Navigation Company, London slow she also suffered from vibration.
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