you can get really down with yourself sometimes. LTW: How do you feel about things at the moment, I mean we are in deep shit, does that give you inspiration? No, no just get on with it. It’s not anywhere to be listened to yet people are aware of it, so…. Great atmosphere. Er yeah of course it does, but I’m not sure how yet, I’ll just see what happens. Details “Mork n Mindy” is the first track from Sleaford’s forthcoming new studio album, following their Top 10 hits & rarities collection, All That Glue & phenomenal global live stream from London’s 100 Club. Bit disappointed that they only played for one hour. It was really immense so I was quite taken by it, and it all went brilliantly. He steers this musical ship Upon a tapestry of bass-beaten-melodically bitten sound waves which leaves you physically and internally driven.. You made the Boiler Shop in Newcastle light up. Sleaford Mods. LTW: You have a deep visceral delivery. Marketplace 439 For Sale. What an awesome live act absolutely great night I had the best live gig I have been to in a long while I cannot wait for the next one! He expresses especially in his movement the intensit of his lyrics and to Andy's music? Yeh. I mean initially, it was not very good and then, I tried to give it a little bit of a slant and tried to make it a bit more, I don’t know. LTW: Have you been doing any live streams or anything like that? Beer was being thrown (it could’ve been urine, welcome to the club), The whole crowd chanting the chorus to every song like they were possessed by Jason’s persona, a mosh pit of 18-50 year olds from start to finish (something I never thought I’d see). LTW: We don’t know how to go forward do we? It got a bit repetitive thirds the end I wish they had some live instruments or have the other lad sing too. The atmosphere was electric everybody singing along. Find information on all of Sleaford Mods’s upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2020-2021. The Demise of Planet X He’s good, yeh obviously yeah. Whether you are looking to get in touch with Sleaford Mods's agent for an event, or Sleaford Mods management for an endorsement, we aim to provide you with the best and most accurate contacts. New songs, old songs, and fresher looser sounds. But as Jason said; it was a ‘little bit special’ and ‘all love’. I attended the show in Paris on October 1st, and the atmosphere was electric. I just carry on you know, just write what I do, you know? It was a friday night and Scunthorpe wanted to be entertained. LTW: Clearly you have a talent for putting words together intelligently in the way that John Cooper Clarke did and still does. I was a jolly fucker the night of the gig. What? LTW: It is going to be difficult for a while. How are you going to promote the album outside of the release itself? I just didn’t want to sound too local, but obviously I was so, it was just a case of trying to sex it up a little bit and I think I managed to do it after about a year and a half! It’s a gateway for people from now to whenever ‘til the end of time to hear what we are about. I'm unsure, however, if this would translate to Brixton Academy. ‘The Demise of Planet X’ Global Livestream. I can’t really do anything because I can’t kinda work because Andrew’s not here. In a lot of respects yeh. Hard to justify the prices. Love the break in to "I want to break free" in the middle of Fizzy. LTW: How do you keep it real lyrically now you are a commercial success? Yes, because there’s seven unreleased tracks on there, and there’s stuff on there that like I say, you can’t get. When SM played in Sthlm last year, that wasn't so brutal. They are starved of a lot of talking provincial people you know?, People with local accents. Director: Václav Marhoul And It wouldn’t be the same without out Andrew who should take equal credit for creating the tunes which create the perfect base for the rants which strike a chord with so many. I’ve been doing stuff like twatting about, filming myself doing stupid things, but I’m not sure about doing live streams. I’ve heard of that name yeh, Oh is it? Intense and darkly enjoyable. The EP will be available on 12”, CD & DL. But I think that’s really it, you know? We felt we’d got to a point where it was probably good to get a body of work out there that spanned the career that wasn’t entirely obvious, you know what I mean? Sleaford Mods is not due to play near your location currently - but they are scheduled to play 4 concerts across 2 countries in 2020-2021. Now it was a real British punk show, just wow! Up front it makes perfect sense and is utterly compelling and fascinating to watch. Sleafods pure energy and rage,very good, but Hammersmith Apollo is not the best place for such a concert.
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