Prices generally start out over $100,000.00, but you can buy them as basic shells for around $50,000.00. Narrowboats are not cheap, they are usually charged by the size that they are, so if you want to buy the vessel new, it’ll cost approximately £1000 per foot in length. Where can I moor my boat and how much does it cost? [Case study: Tony Jones lives and works on The Watchman narrowboat] Buying a narrowboat - the initial investment. As with all things narrowboat, this varies on the length and value of your narrowboat and the cost of replacing it. In terms of the actual blacking, exact costs will vary depending where you are in the UK, but for reference we will use the current pricing of Whilton Marina in Daventry, Northamptonshire. In this video I discuss what it costs to buy a narrowboat, from … With new boats costing as much as £1000 per square foot, narrowboat sales do not come cheap. Also we pride ourselves on second to none after sales care, take a look at our testimonials. The information packed eBook “The REAL Cost Of Living Afloat,” showing you every conceivable cost of living afloat, and how much you should budget… The 185-Page eBook “21 Liveaboard Case Studies,” featuring interviews with over 20 liveaboard boaters, for a combined total of over 100+ years of narrowboat experience… Blacking costs are calculated by the length of your canal boat. Some will like the process of ordering a brand new boat – built to order – whilst others prefer not to wait. Moorings can cost anything between £1000 (for a basic leisure mooring) to upwards of £12,000 (for a residential mooring in London). We recognise when it comes to buying a boat we are not all the same. Find your boat in our database of narrow boats, widebeams, butties, tugs, cruiser sterns, yachts, power boats, superyachts, cruisers, houseboats, fishing boats and ships. That’s why ensuring that you’re fully informed about the ins and outs of buying a barge is paramount, before you sign on the dotted line. Whilton would charge you from £750 for a narrowboat up to 50 foot. Insurance and Safety. Narrowboats, narrow boats for sale UK, Apollo Duck new and used narrowboat sales. If a survey shows the need for work on the plating to be carried out, how much are we likely to have to pay for this, minimum to maximum? To browse a vast range of narrowboats and barges for sale click here. Cruising the canals by narrowboat is a special experience. Choosing the best vessel for your life on the water isn’t so cut and dry. Before buying a narrowboat, it's worth asking yourself the following questions: How much space do … You will need to have insurance for your narrowboat. How to buy a narrowboat . Make sure you take in to consideration mooring and licence fees, as they can stack up against your boat’s initial cost. This is part 2 of my short series about the costs of buying, owning and living on a narrowboat. A narrowboat can cost as little as £15,000 for a 'project craft' to more than £150,000 for a brand new boat, built to your own specification. Thanks for any info on the topic. We want to buy a narrowboat for continuous cruising and weve been looking at various sites with boats for sale. It might cost a few hundred pounds but it buys you peace of mind and it often enables you to save some money by haggling from a position of greater authority. Sell your boat fast with a free photo advert. The shell will give you a hull that is ready to be painted, outfitted with an … Each narrowboat will be handed over with a fully serviced engine, freshly blacked hull, full 4 year Boat Safety Certificate and a full boat inventory, all ready to go! Additionally, a canal boat has a powerful diesel engine that can also drive canal boat prices up. coldor