Front Sight … It's just a 4 prong thing. $9.55. I bought this tool for my CORE 15 to make adjusting the Magpul Moe MBUS sights a little simpler than using a small punch or similar tool. Even so, I hope that reviews about it Magpul Front Sight Adjustment Tool And Clark Custom 10 22 will possibly be useful. Del-Ton, Inc AR-15 AR15 A1/A2front sight adjusting tool. A good sight pusher will hold the slides steady, push the sights with ease, and accommodate a vast multitude of guns … Longer would be a little more user friendly but it works ok. Brownells 078-015-002 Front Rifle Adjustment Tool Sight Wrench. 7.62x39 & SKS Front Sight Adjust Tool Heavy Duty Elevation Adjustment. The Short Stack is compatible with Magpul M-LOK accessories, featuring a 7mm wrench and two-sided hex bits for M-LOK fasteners. Front sight tool adjustment thing is kinda universal I believe. the front sight says I need an A2 adj. Magpul one is pretty much plastic and cheap from my opinion. Tools Included. tool to raise or lower the pin for elevation. A1/A2front sight adjusting tool has 4 prongs. MBUS Pro Front Sight Installation & Usage Instructions from Magpul POSITION SIGHT ON RAIL. These tools make applying the thousands of pounds of pressure needed to move the sights easy. Magpul has a great reputation for quality, and their MBUS polymer “irons” are reasonably priced at $57.95 for the rear sight and $39.95 for the front sight.Both sights fold down if you’re using a red dot or scope, and they can be flipped back up with a simple push of a button. Position the sight so the Sight Arm folds down to the rear. This tool works fine. 511 sold. It's a little short for my liking. A universal sight pusher is a must have tool for those looking to swap sights, adjust sights, or remove them. Free shipping. Free shipping. The sight tool really helps make the process faster, and doesn't mar the finish up of the sight housing, if you care about finish for possible re-sale value. Just look up a front sight post adjustment tool. 217 sold. $76.99. I don't have a 4095 and my 4595 front sight has been removed so I don't know what the height of the OEM front sight is. The new Magpul MBUS Gen II flip-up sights come with a polymer front sight adjustment tool that someone might have lying around. My backup iron sights measure exactly 1.44" front and rear. I just mounted some Magpul Mbus front and rear backup sights on my SR-22. I did not get one of these tools with the sights.I bought the sights through Ruger. Joe P (544) 544 product ratings - NCStar VTUFNR Mountable Universal Front & Rear Pistol Sight Pusher Adjust Tool. Magpul MBUS Back Up Sight Generation II Fits Picatinny Flat Dark Earth Front Flip Up MAG247-FDE …most any MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny/STANAG 4694 railed hand guard* and provides the same height-over-bore as standard A2 irons * Protective wings shield the spring-locking A2 front sight post * Elevation adjustment tool included, but most aftermarket A2 front sight adjustment tools … The Short Stack also features a front sight adjustment tool, a pull-through handle for OTIS cables, and scraping surfaces for the weapon system’s firing pin, bolt and bolt carrier. It's made of heavy metal, it's about 1.75" long. I understand those measurements should be 1.44" or 35.5mm as in the picture. NOTE: Flip sight up for easier install. Using a 1/8” hex key or flat head screwdriver, loosen the 10-24 Dual-Drive Screw enough to mount MBUS Pro sight onto the rail.