There appears to be a known problem with the "Emissions Warning Light" to come on and permanently stay on. Having a problem with your Vauxhall Meriva? Fuel flap does not lock, 1.3L CDTi Unfortunately, the average replacement cost is around $2,000 and you can't do it yourself unless you're an experienced mechanic. Search. Vauxhall Meriva 1.4 petrol 114k Nearly one year mot 3 new tires fitted recently Good points: 17 inch alloys good spec Everything works as it should Air con Rood box included New water pump New oil and air filter Oil changed coolant changed Cruise control Front and back parking sensors Aux and usb connection ports No warning lights Full v5 It's always cool when a car manufacturer hits its stride and launches onto a successive run of interesting and competitive cars. Filter. Vauxhall Meriva A ESC OFF warning light (Electronic Stability Control) - if this light is illuminated it means the ESC system is switched off or deactivated. Intermittent problem with hazard warning flashes suddenly going on and causing me to immobolise car. 2011 Vauxhall Meriva 1.3 disel Spanner light on dash - AutoInsider Problems and Fixes If you need to reset a dashboard light or diagnose a fault on your Vauxhall Opel Meriva we would advise you to go for the, Vauxhall Meriva B engine warning light - the engine warning light in your Meriva B will illuminate when the engine starts but should then turn off after a couple of seconds. £11.22 + £14.71 postage. Vauxhall Meriva - 2011 Vauxhall Meriva ABS/TC issue. Simply enter your postcode, select the required specialist areas and view your results. or Best Offer. I presume that it's gone into 'limp-home' mode. Vauxhall meriva 1.4 se 2011 engine is missing when warm at 30mph and bringing abs warning light up which then stays on and engine warning light flashers a few times and goes off no faults found what t Explore Vauxhall Meriva 2011 for sale as well! £19.00 + £16.90 postage . Engine management light: top 5 causes of amber engine warning light Has your amber engine warning light blinked into life on your dashboard? Opel Meriva Brake Warning Light Causes. VAUXHALL MERIVA B REAR RIGHT DRIVER SIDE OFFSIDE OUTER TAIL LIGHT. The brake warning light indicates that your Meriva has detected that one of its major brake components has failed, typically detected through a loss of pressure. £59.99 . Green = Confirmation of activation. The light may take longer to go out in cold conditions during the winter. Also for: 2011 meriva exp, 2011 meriva s, 2011 meriva exclusiv, 2011 meriva se. In right-hand drive vehicles, the fuse box is located behind a cover in the glovebox. Vauxhall Meriva B steering wheel warning light - indicates a fault within the variable steering system and may require more effort when steering the vehicle. Reduced price 30+ days ago. So you should chech it on our car models. Brought a new coil pack and spark plugs (£60) on ebay. Results Similar Cars. Vauxhall is now fixing these faulty Meriva EPS systems FOC on cars up to 5 years old. The dashboard warning lights on vehicles vary with significance or importance depending on colour. Generally the fault is caused by a fault sensor such as camshaft, crankshaft or MAF, but the only way to be sure is to hook it upto a diagnostic code reader such as the, Vauxhall Meriva B airbag warning light - will initially illuminate upon engine start, then go out after a few seconds. Battery light stuck on,remote won't open doors, 1.7 cdti The numberplate DY11VWJ was first registered near Shrewsbury. OIL PRESSURE SWITCH FEBI BILSTEIN OE QUALITY REPLACEMENT 27223. Warning light meaning: The light comes on the Vauxhall Meriva (Opel Meriva) dash with engine ignition and extinguishes shortly. Vauxhall Meriva. I took my car to a garage (Vauxhall Meriva 2011 reg) because it had 5 lights on. The warning lights on your Opel Meriva dashboard are usually the first sign that something’s not right. Expert: Mike replied 6 years ago. Vauxhall Meriva B (2010 – 2011) – fuse box – intrument panel. You need to diagnose the system with a code reader that can communicate with the ABS system such as the. Vauxhall. Essential Cookies are required to make this site work, without them your browsing experience would not be as good as we want you to have. Vauxhall Meriva armrest 2011 . Simply enter your vehicle registration or make and model. Login / Register. You can diagnose a fault in the traction system with the. So happy i came across this post, my wifes meriva 2011 had the same issue with juddering and traction control light. Vauxhall Meriva armrest 2011. There are currently no solutions or suggestions for this problem. The CO2 figures display a range to reflect the highest value for the highest emitting version with all available options added, through to a minimum value to represent the lowest emitting version in standard specification. Low level washer fluid warning light not working, 1.3 disel This 2011 Vauxhall Meriva Exclusiv on numberplate DY11 VWJ was first registered on Monday 21st of March 2011. Asked on 5 January 2011 by barnes.simon. 3 left. £2.95. However Vauxhall manufacturer may have a different definition for the P2112 OBD-II Diagnostic Powertrain (P) Trouble Code. You’ll feel a loss of pressure that manifests itself in the form of a “mushy” brake pedal. Problem added: May 19, 2020 (5 months ago) All warning lights clear on start up except 1 top left corner of the warning panel. Do these parts fit your vehicle? Vauxhall Warning Lights It can be a stressful experience when a light shows up on your dashboard and you have no idea what it means – no matter whether you’ve had the car for years or its brand new, this comprehensive Vauxhall guide is here to give you the information you need. 1.7cdti Similar questions. There are currently no solutions or suggestions for this problem. If it’s flashing it means the ESP system is intervening – for example, if you’re driving on a slippery road. Check trailer brake light: Code 30: Check trailer reversing light: Code 31: Check left trailer turn signal: Code 32: Check right trailer turn signal: Code 33: Check trailer rear fog light: Code 34: Check trailer rear light: Code 35: Replace battery in radio remote control fob: Code 48: Clean side blind zone alert system: Code 53: Tighten gas / fuel cap: Code 54 You’ll feel a loss of pressure that manifests itself in the form of a “mushy” brake pedal. Do you own a Vauxhall vehicle? This light will either illuminate steady or will flash depending on the problem. Car: Vauxhall Meriva Variant: 1.4 Turbo Model Year: 2011 Category: Electrics, ECU, Warnings & Lights.