It's actually pretty easy being green, don't worry about it. . From teaching us essential adulthood skills like ‘responsibility,’ acting as a test of our suitability for pet ownership or parenthood and actively purifying the air in our homes, there’s no end to gifts they bestow … Are you a heavenly body? You have a rather tough personality and you don't open up easily to others. I find it funny and make a joke about it. . By answering a series of questions, we'll tell you which colour is a perfect match for your personality! Play now How Well Do You Know These Songs With Girls’ Names? No flopping, no drama, just gorgeous … Yes! The kalanchoe, also referred to as florist kalanchoe or flaming Katy, which is usually available at grocery stores, nurseries, and big box stores to boot. Common Questions | Reviews | Email or Call. - Match your personality with friends - Learn about your friends’ personality type - See your compatibility score - Identify common frustrations and how to solve them - Get personalized advice on how to improve your relationship - New: inspirational quotes for each of the 16 personality types - New: discover the strengths and weaknesses of your personality type and find out how to fully unlock your potential. Which Musical Instrument Matches Your Personality? You have a rather tough personality and you don't open up easily to others. Take this quiz to test what planet you are. WORLD By: Steven Miller. Monstera is sometimes referred to as the swiss cheese plant due to the holes that develop in the leaves. Whoever you are, find out which essential oil blend best matches your personality in this quiz. Pinch off new growth and don't be too quick to move up to a larger pot in order to keep your Monstera a more manageable size. What you wear can say a lot about you. Written by Lonny Team. Which Flower Matches Your Personality? 1. Awkward at first but I soon get over it. As a spirited fire sign, Aries embraces the unconventional and isn't afraid to take risks. Are you hot like Mercury or chill like Neptune? Dragon Arum. Ever wonder if you’re living in the right place? Just like you! Which state will it be? “I’d recommend a plant that matches the role model’s colorful and exuberant personality,” says Mast. Add to library 45 » Discussion 59 » Follow » Share . It's the What Planet Are You Quiz. What Color Nail Polish Matches Your Inner Personality? By Erica Daniels Plants, flowers and other foliage symbolize emotions, ideas and actions. Oh, Gemini — with your head frequently lost in the clouds, the air plant is pretty much your botanical soulmate. That might be a little excessive, but if you're looking for a plant to really vamp up your home, an indoor Bonsai Tree is the way to go - but a warning: they need much more than just light and water. You do best when doing -- what interests you, and working with professors and students who share your … 5 Minute Quiz 5 Min. Deep, complex and gripping, your personality pairs nicely with the grace and finesse of this classic wine. Are you hot like Mercury or chill like Neptune? Home is where the houseplants are, but our leafy green friends do a lot more than just liven up a room. Get Our Newsletter. Let us know right away and we'll make it right. An indoor plant that shares your characteristics and traits will fit right into your home and life and can even end up becoming a trusted confidant.Think about your personality and how your friends and loved ones would describe you, then find the plant that best suits you from our list below. What City Matches Your Personality? I have plenty!) Which Flower Matches Your Personality? Don't worry, no questions about your favorite color either :D. It's okay, don't worry :) Sweet, can't wait! This full-bodied beverage is the perfect addition to a quiet night in with a good book or a loved one – the exact kind of night that the INFP loves most. Which Underrated Piercing Matches Your Personality? You love to start a scene and have the attention diverted to you. So you can enjoy the natural beauty they bring into your space without spending a lot of time and effort caring for them.Did you find your perfect plant match on this list? You absorb your surroundings like a sponge and hold everything nurturing close to your heart . An indoor plant that has similar characteristics and traits as you will fit right into your home and life and can even end up becoming a trusted confidant. Category: Personality Tags: #Flower #Personality #Plant #Gardener #Gardening #Bush #Character-Trait #Personality #Attitude #Temper Which Flower Matches Your Personality? The wide green leaves of the Dracaena Mass Coast come to a narrow point and feature striking yellow stripes down the center. Which City Matches Your Personality? Or the 80s/90s? A leader, that brings and keeps everyone together. Knowing plant symbolism can help you pick decor and gifts that are more … But whether you love flowers or hate them, you still might know the many meanings each blossom has to offer. Visit our quiz pages here to check out some of our other viral content, and as always, don’t forget to share with your friends! I'd prefer a digestive biscuit, actually. Have an issue? You embody intense determination and passion. Flowers are one of the greatest gifts of nature. These low-maintenance... 2. Pothos houseplants thrive with minimal care and indirect light. Pick the perfect plant for your personality! Join our community of plant people! The long fronds taper to a point and ripple along the edges, creating interest in an enticing way only a diva can pull off.Ferns certainly like things to be a certain way in terms of light, temperature, and humidity, but if you take care of them they will return the favor. by erinarielle. Top-notch support. Carrier delays possible. Your whiny, sometimes annoying personality is out balanced by your inner beauty and elegance. What impresses people about you Aries is your cool, calm and collected attitude. Customers Love us. Josh O’Meara and Linda Vydra, co-founders of The Jungle Collective, are here to make sure you leave the nursery with the ideal plant for you. Opposites may attract, but when it comes to selecting a houseplant, finding one that mirrors your personality may end up being a better match for you. QUIZ: Which Character from The Great Gatsby Matches Your Personality? You're refreshing to everyday life and everyone loves those little bits of excitement to their life. You are a luscious succulent and don't care for a lot of attention. Tough choice!